Everything below is included in the Horus Gold Furniture Packages, please note the differences in the Studio, 1 and 2 bed packages we can also do 3+ bed packages on request. If you would like to upgrade to a sofa bed, add an extra wardrobe, coffee table, change double beds to single beds, choose your colours just click on the button below as we will be in touch to discuss everything you need to complete your dream home in the sun.

  • Bespoke solid wooden kitchen finished in a glossy finish with a solid granite worktop and under unit lights (no appliances see note below)

  • Kitchen and cleaning package (glasses, dinner set, cutlery, pan set, kitchen knives, utensils, mop and bucket, large brush, dustpan and brush, large and small bins, pot towels)

  • 2m Sofa (1 and 2 bed apartments)

  • Double bed plus mattress

  • Bedding double bed: x1 duvet, x2 duvet covers, x4 sheets, 2 pillows, x4 pillowcases (one set on one for changeovers)

  • Towels for 2 people (x2 large and x2 medium) (Studios and 1 bed apartments)

  • Towels for 4 people (x4 large and x4 medium) (2 bed apartments)

  • Two bedside units

  • 90cm x 60cm wardrobe

  • Two Single beds plus mattresses (2 bed apartments)

  • Bedding single bed: x2 duvet, x4 duvet covers, x8 sheets, 4 pillows, x8 pillowcases (one set on per bed one for changeovers per bed) (2 bed apartments)

  • Bedside unit (2 bed apartments)

  • 90cm x 60cm wardrobe (2 bed apartments)

  • 180cm x 60cm mirror

  • Blackouts and voiles in dark or light colour including poles, fixtures and fittings on all windows and patio doors

  • Water heater

  • Bathroom mirror

  • Light over the bathroom mirror

  • Wall and ceiling lights

  • Terrace furniture table and 2 chairs (plastic) (Studios and 1 bed apartments)

  • Terrace furniture table and 4 chairs (plastic) (2 bed apartments)

  • Finishing touches

    Studio prices from - £4,167.75 1 bed prices from - £5,120.25 2 bed prices from - £7,454.25

Note** We can supply all the electrical items you require, including air conditioning units, fridge freezers, LED TV’s, hobs, ovens, microwaves, washing machines, kettles, toasters etc… We have removed them from the packages due to the prices changing quickly and as we have some clients buying and paying for their furniture months ahead of their properties being ready we have in the past sold items cheaper than we ended up buying them for. Therefore, we try and sort out the furniture/furniture packages first and then deal with the electrical items when the furniture is ready to be installed.

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