Anubis Furniture Range modern design with a glossy finish

Our Anubis Furniture Range is a recent addition to our furniture ranges compared to the Sobek and Horus, but it is becoming one of our best selling furniture ranges and close to knocking the Horus Range off it’s top spot. We have all the furniture items you need, king size beds, double beds, single beds, wardrobes various sizes, coffee table, TV surrounds, media units, lamp tables, bedside units, chests of drawers various sizes, dressing tables, chairs, dining tables, mirrors various sizes, basically everything you need to furnish your property we can supply it. As you can imagine trying to list every single item that someone might want is difficult, so if you know what you want tell us, if not we have furnished hundreds of properties so we can tell you what you need and if you have a floor plan we can draw it out for you. You can have the Anubis Furniture Range in various colours which again we can discuss (so far we have supplied white, black and silver or a combination of colours in each item), plus you can mix and match all our ranges to create your very own bespoke furniture package. Alternatively using our years of knowledge and experience we have put together two ready made furniture packages, one that gives you the opportunity to add all the finishing touches/items yourself and one where we do everything for you and all you need to do is turn up with your suitcase and use the property or rent it out. Please use the two buttons below to view the two furniture packages, if you would just like to contact us and discuss your interior design, see what we can do for you fill out the form below and we will be in touch, it doesn’t cost you a penny you only pay if you like what we do and you order your furniture so you have nothing to lose by getting in touch but a lot to gain.


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